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Nancy Jackson is a uniquely talented Canadian artist. Originally from Southern Ontario, her life path has led her across this country and provided her with opportunities to settle in or experience a number of unique environments along the way. She is most often inspired by her love of the horse and the landscape surrounding it.

As a child, Nancy was exposed to the equine art of the late great artist Orren Mixer and many other great western artists, through the art features in the Western Horseman magazine. She was so enamoured with the detail and technique of Mixer’s works, in particular, and fascinated with horses, in general, that she was drawn to dabble in equine and western art at an early age. In 1993 she took private art lessons and dedicated her full time efforts to art for several years and has been painting and drawing seriously ever since.

Nancy has bred and trained horses for many, many years which offers her a unique knowledge of her subject. Most of her original art is sold directly from her studio on a horse ranch near Innisfail, Alberta. She has participated in several juried shows, including the Calgary Stampede, Maple Creek Cowboy Poetry & Western Art Show and Medicine Hills Art Show and Sale. Her pieces are featured in many private and corporate collections throughout North America.

Constantly inspired by a love of the natural world, wildlife and horses in particular she draws upon western history, legends, spirituality, imagination and life experiences to compose inimitable life-scapes of the past, present and future. In Nancy’s work you can see the wind caressing the prairie grasses or gently lifting and playing with the hairs of a paint horse’s tail. Her skill is equally apparent in any media she chooses; melding bone, stone and feather to flesh out the vision or painting ordinary elements in a way that they aren’t really so ordinary. Nancy’s work shares her inner beauty, illustrating her love of the earth, the animals that populate it and the lifestyle she has chosen.


“Nancy is often inspired by her love of the natural world, wildlife and the horse in particular. She draws upon native folklore, western legends, history and her own life experience, spirituality and imagination to compose inimitable life-scapes – past, present and future. She has the distinctive ability to capture the life of her subjects and the ambiance of their surroundings in order to tell their story.”
- President & CEO, D&D Consulting Ltd.

“I just love the oil paintings I’ve purchased. They are a beautiful focal point of the rooms in which they hang, and I find a new detail every time I look at them. Nancy is truly gifted in her diversity in subject matter and methods of expressing her creativity.”
- Diana Daly

“Nancy’s ability to capture life in general and beauty in particular is fascinating. Her pencil sketches are breathtaking, and are a welcome addition to any collection.”
- Mike Crowley

"I have the privilege of having one of Nancy's oil paintings in my home. It is an autumn scene of Lake Louise. All the visitors to my home are impressed by it. It is not the only original oil painting in my home but it is the one that I receive the most comments on."
- S. Evans, Calgary, AB


Wind Dancer Pony Rescue Foundation

Nancy is a long distance supporter of Wind Dancer Pony Rescue Foundation. Wind Dancer Pony Rescue Foundation was founded by Dr. Paula Dupuy in memory of her daughter Isabel, a talented young equestrian who was determined to one day establish a pony rescue on her farm. Isabel died suddenly at only eleven years of age but, from her dreams and determination in life, she left a strong legacy to help ponies and to make the world a better place. In its short existence, Wind Dancer has come to the aid of over 20 ponies, and boasts a stable of 100 volunteers who contribute to the day-to-day care and feeding of the ponies on site, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Having met the ponies at the rescue while on a visit to Ontario in 2013 and impressed with the organization and its causes, Nancy carried them home in her heart and began a series of inspired sketches from her Alberta studio.

Ponies are especially near and dear to Nancy's heart. Their intelligence, personality and innate ability to read people are qualities she greatly admires. They never give up their natural spirit. No one can argue that some of the best lessons learned by equine enthusiasts have had a pony as the teacher. Nancy has put her passionate creativity to work for these rescued ponies. She captures their spirit in her art and donates not only the originals, but the rights to reproduce the pieces as an ongoing contribution to support and care for these wonderful ponies, who are only looking for a chance at health and happiness. Wind Dancer is thankful for this generous and ongoing support, and proudly displays the original pieces at the rescue site in Sheffield Ontario.

Presently there are three prints available as follows:



Two Bit

Two Bit



To order please contact winddancerinfo@gmail.com or just check out the cause at: www.winddancerponies.org

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